love's the greatest thing (leeann_marie) wrote in the_luvmuffins,
love's the greatest thing


okay!!!!! i've had the best idea!

no, it is *not* killing that annoying amanda bines chick on nickelodeon, much as i hate her.


we all know 'gene. we all know 'gene is a dancing machine. and, what do dancing machines need? that's right! FAN CLUBS!

'gene has appointed me president of said fan club & i'd like to start things up...eventually we can have monthly mailings of 'gene newsletters & special oppurtunities to get 'gene's autograph. i'd also like a LJ community, but i'd need one of those lame code things to start it anyone willing to get me one?

sara is the v.p. now :)

the frog
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i don't get the thing at all for codes. =) but i'm all for contributing to the monthly newletter. i can interview 'GENE if i'm lucky enough!!!!!!
i wanna be the 1st to interview 'gene, as i'm the president. but maybe i'll let you do so later. if we're REALLY lucky, maybe 'gene will do one interview per issue! that way, just about all of us could get a chance to sit down with the ONE, the ONLY.....'GEEEEENE!