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Reading our old entries is almost painful. One minute there, the next we were dismantled, and slightly dismembered @.@ I've written so many papers about our experiences and no matter how many times someone says that their groups were best, their high school cliques were the coolest thing EVER, there is nothing that will ever compare to us and what we had. We were more than friends. It was like we were ALL dating simoultaneously, but really not. When something happened to someone, it affected us all and we were almost always able and willing to help.

Now, we hide it away, keep it hush hush, whenever it's disgussed it's like it someone's dirty little secret, and all we're talking about were, in my opinion, the best days. How could we have forgotten?

The most recent entries in this journal were from a few of us complaining about losing touch, reminiscing, and almost threatening everyone else to keep together. Like in any [orgy-esque] relationship, communication is key and we've all lost touch a little. I mean, I found out last night that Jakey (LM #10) had a myspace, just like several of the other LM's. Holy shit! It's like I've never spoken to them before as I feel like it's a bad thing to continue speaking to them. I feel like the injured half of a relationship who still wants to be in the relationship. DOES ANYONE ELSE?

I recently wrote a paper for my comp I class/Lit. 111 about Leeann (#...9? and 14? Or did it stay #9? I can't remember anyone's number!) and the Luvmuffins and the impact that she had on me growing up.

Needless to say, if I hadn't broken a friendship with my best friend in eighth grade, I would have never had most of my life's experiences.

I miss this.

Zero in Tennis.
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