Count Nemeth (genegenethedm) wrote in the_luvmuffins,
Count Nemeth

Wow...I didn't know this community still existed...

I didn't even know there was a LM community page or that the latest entry in it was made just two years me it is kinda like rummaging through an old shoebox. While shifting around it's contents (which, in my case, would probably be nothing more than pencils, rulers, and maybe a hockey card), and coming across a heart warming photo of myself and us. It isn't just the jubilant smiles while we huddle infront of a camera, it is everything that isn't depicted in photo. One may say that it is a typical picture of middle school or freshmen high school kids. But we weren't. We were more than that. We ran to each other for with tear filled eyes, we seeked understanding, we quarreled, we apologized, we changed each other, and we were seperated. For better or worse, we cannot deny the influence we have had on each other. Today, I am sure we can all appreciate each other and still can't help, regardless of how bitter feelings may be between some of us before, want to see each other's smile or lean on each other's shoulder just one more time and appreciate every second we spent with each other. Well...I miss you all and, like many other people, I dropped my LM number name in my Livejournal and lost contact with a lot of you but, I will never let go of the memories.

I hope this commmunity hangs around for awhile, this little bit of server space has become our shoebox. This is my contribution. Well I wish all of you converse shoe wearing, cross dressing (well I did most of that), gathering, mall raiding, wild colored haired, poetry writing, story telling, macaroni and cheese eating, feminism promoting, anti-homophobic, dancing, Wally Pleasant singing, magazine making, trout loving, block stealing, lame school book burning, button wearing, Luvmuffins good luck.

See ya',


Luvmuffin #14 =3
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