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Yesterday was MSBOA marching band festival at flat rock high school. it was great!
my band marched in the highest class yet (class b) and we recieved a II.

music- II
Marching- II
general effect- I

that's what we got last year when we were a whole class lower! so, i know we've improved tons!

the music judge only liked the trombones! it was crazy! but, he said what i knew all along, so what is one to do?

the marching judge actually thought we moved too much. i was very surprised.

the general effect judge was quite focused on the colorguard, so it makes no sense that we got a I.

i can't believe our colorguard sometimes. they don't understand attention. *shakes head*

anyway, concert band starts tomorrow! i was just playing my wooden clarinet for the occasion!

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