J.T. Carrey (jtcarrey) wrote in the_luvmuffins,
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I loooooooooooooove Jim Carrey, so that's why I'm here ;-)
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err, well...umm...uhh...
well...i guess you can join the community, but that doesn't exactly make you a luvmuffin...
what's a luvmuffin then? in the interests it said Jim Carrey that's all
oh well, a Luvmuffin is someone who is really rad, and uhh...well has been elected to that status? I don't know it's hard to decide. so How's about you just stay and you can be the non-luvmuffin Luvmuffin community member!!

well I can leave if you want, I just thought it would be interesting :)
don't leave!! if you find interest then you must be rad!! so yeah. stay with stay with!